Qplox company


Qplox uses bullet proof, off-the-shelf, existing technological solutions, but we can build innovative tailored designs depending on project needs.
We are active in industrial, academic and research sectors, in a broad variety of fields from automotive to bio-electronics.
We offer experience as system integrators, hardware/software designers, test data management and User interface creation.


Our electronics engineering can help making your electronic ideas into proof of concept, demonstrators or demos, both from the hardware and software
Point of view, accelerating the development of your ideas, projects and solutions.


Qplox can provide expertise in industrial sensor networks


We are engineers. We are scientists.
Qplox understand industrial needs, but also each individual personal skills and development needs.
Qplox places the best engineering talents in the nicest R&D projects.

Highly qualified

In the high tech electronics, quality is not only a competitive advantage, but a need. 

R&D and production facilities are in continuous need of designing, testing, validating, characterizing, verification and problem solving of the quality of their electronic products in an efficient and traceable way. New tools and processes come with new challenges and problems to find a creative solution for.

Qplox can support those need on and off site

Qplox can develop fully customized electronic solutions on customer premises, based in off-the-shelf electronics components or innovative tailored solutions. We can strengthen our customer team with our consultants, building the bridge between your company and Qplox excellence pool.


Our colleagues work in the most advanced technological concepts , in a very multicultural , multidisciplinary international organization with offices in Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.

We support both local and international organizations. We are internationally active in industrial, academic and research sectors. We offer an integral solution from system conception to data management, product traceability and reporting.Born with a strong background in microelectronics and semiconductors testing, Qplox currently support telecom, Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductors, bio-sciences and Energy Sectors.

 We can design complex test systems, or even small jobs like PCB prototyping, human machine interfaces (HMI) or small automation projects.


Custom test electronic systems and DAQ

Software, hardware and test system development for use in product qualification during the R&D stages, End of line production, data acquisition and complex problem solving

Sensorics: IoT Wireless sensor networks

adapted to industrial and R&D needs

Electronic proof of concept

Professional help at any stage of your electronic prototype, from the schematic capture to the PCB assembly, including firmware development and user interface.


Professionals for high tech R&D (micro)electronics projects.




Pharma, medical and bio

Consumer electronics



The technological development of our world requires efficient and sustainable production methods, as well as a continuous innovation in products and processes.Only the most prepared professionals and companies will succeed the challenges of the new technological Era. 



Based in a core team of young, multicultural and multidisciplinaty engineers, Qplox can speak your language.Qplox offers its services and professionals in both R&D and product qualification the high tech industry, specializing in the (mirco)electronics world and for different sectors.